Client Lab Kit

Client Lab Kit

This kit pays for itself in a short period of time. You receive a $50 self-test discount on the consultation, plus you are eliminating overnight courier fees.


The Client Lab Kit contains everything required to perform the BIA® (RBTI) test using urine & saliva. It will perform thousands of tests. Your cost per test is pennies.

  • Refractometer for Sugars (brix)
  • pH Meter (digital with flat probe for easy saliva testing)
  • Conductivity (Salts) Meter
  • Well plate for nitrate nitrogen and ammonia nitrogen testing
  • Universal Reagent solution with dropper bottle
  • Nitrate Nitrogen reagent with dropper bottle
  • Ammonia Nitrogen reagent with dropper bottle
  • Color card for reading nitrogens
  • Extra droppers for mixing
  • Jars for cleaning and holding probes.
  • Carrying case
  • Links to instructions and movies for performing the test
  • Written instructions for conducting the test.

Please note that this lab kit does not include the ORP meter, which we highly recommend you obtain:

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