BIA® Initial Test & Retest

BIA® Initial Test & Retest

This is the initial test, including retest, specimen kit. Click the link below to order a RETEST (Test #3+) specimen kit.


Everything needed, including consultation, to determine what is wrong with your body chemistry that could possibly be contributing to how you feel.

Specimens need to be returned by overnight service

We send a FEDEX return envelope but you should check with USPS to see if perhaps the overnight rates are cheaper for your area.

Call before sending and do not return your specimens on a Friday or on the day before a holiday.

Learn more about the BIA® at:

This includes two specimen kits and the consult for BOTH tests.

You receive two specimen kits because you will need to retest between 1-4 weeks, depending upon the results of your first BIA®. In case you need to retest early, you will already have the retest kit.

Click here to order a RETEST (Test #3+) specimen kit:

Click here to order a FAMILY ADD-ON Initial Test, including retest, kit.


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