CMP Rules

Certified MemGram® Processor (CMP)

Philosophy & Rules
Last update: 4/19/18

All CMP’s agree to abide by the following Philosophy & Rules and as may be updated.
Violation of these Rules is grounds for immediate termination of CMP status.

1. A CMP has voluntarily agreed to participate in the Universe quest to upgrade the consciousness of human beings. Our earthly pilgrimage is designed to teach us how to use our Core Concepts by exposing us to a Stress Pattern that makes it difficult for us to realize our strengths. Earthly existence is to prepare us for Universe Administration, but only if we pass the tests. We have been given the opportunity to advance.  It is up to us whether or not we complete the task.

2. Core Concepts are your strengths that God wants you to recognize, claim ownership and begin using so you can be ready for Universe Administration. When you see them in your Core, you can expect one test after another until you master it. It is ours for the claiming, but claiming requires mental / physical action on our part, which requires faith that we do own the strength. It is an amazing education system that God has put together.

3. Your consciousness has layers like an onion. Each time you Process a MemGram® Chart, you remove another layer of darkness that was depriving you of Knowing Your MemGram®. The more you Know Your MemGram®, the more you discover who you truly are and what you can be, do and have right here and now as well as in the future.

4. Your MemGram® wants to keep you tied up into a knot, tightly bound to attitudes, beliefs, lifestyle and environment that keeps you repeating the past. There is only one way to untie a knot — in the reverse order in which it became tied. MemGram® Processing is the only modality that provides a tool to do just that. All other techniques have one thing in common — all they can hope for is to loosen the knot. A person may temporarily feel better, but, eventually, the knot will work itself tight again and their self-defeating cycle will begin again. MemGram® Processing is the only modality which provides the tool to gradually and finally break free of self-limiting attitudes, beliefs, lifestyle, environment.

5. It is imperative that each CMP continue to personally process on a regular basis. A CMP cannot expect to build a successful practice without a continuing personal Processing with their mentor.

6. It is imperative that each CMP attends all seminars, webinars, conference calls and/or whatever training is provided by Biological Immunity Research Institute (BIRI). Staying in touch with headquarters and being aware of the latest developments is important for the health of the CMP’s practice.

7. It is important that each CMP strives to create a professional image and to represent BIRI and MemGram® Processing in a respectable manner.

8. Each CMP should strive to have the title of “Doctor”, either by pursuing standard education to the level of “Doctor” or by enrolling in the Doctor of Nutripathy® and/or Doctor of Nutripathic® Philosophy curriculums offered by North American University (NAU). This is optional.

9. BIRI is a USA non-profit, public foundation. Donations are USA tax-deductible. The staff at BIRI all participate in MemGram® Processing, either by being Processing clients, or by being CMP’s. Our goal is to be the center of a world-wide movement unlike anything the world has heretofore witnessed. This is largely a word-of-mouth movement. Income to BIRI is largely dependant upon the Nutripathic® services and the MemGram® certifications and Processing being offered.

10. MemGram® Charts, not Reports, are free to all CMP’s. One MemGram® Report credit is earned every time a CMP personally processes with their mentor. We must give so that we may receive. We recognize that, without the MemGram® Chart, it is difficult to communicate to the client just what their MemGram® is and how knowing it can change their life. We must give so that we may receive. Each CMP is encouraged to use the MemGram® Chart to provide a free Orientation session for the new client. This Orientation Session should last a maximum of 20 minutes and the Processing Session should last approximately 30 minutes and follow the outline of The MemGram® Chart Explained. The new client should be requested to read the PDF prior to the session.

11. The words for the most recent Trauma are printed on the free MemGram® Chart. It is also recommended that the first Processing session be performed at that time, giving the new client an idea of how a Processing session works. A maximum of 30 minutes should be spent on the Processing session, making the first session approximately 50 minutes in duration.

At the end of the Processing session, the CMP should ask one or more of the following questions:

  • * What are these words telling you about your Stress Pattern and IBS?
  • * When you wake up each morning and walk out your bedroom door, what PPCE can you expect to appear and what should be your reaction to become more immune to your Stress Pattern and generate fewer hormone dumps?
  • * What is the morale of this session?

12. After the free MemGram® Orientation session, the CMP should explain how they perform the MemGram® Processing sessions, their rates and ask for the next appointment to continue Processing the MemGram® Chart. We prefer to do a maximum of 2 sessions weekly due to brain burnout. We prefer to do at least 1 session monthly or momentum is lost and the MemGram® doesn’t work. The average is somewhere between weekly and bi-weekly sessions.

13. MemGram® Processing should not be performed free of charge. The charge can be an exchange of some kind, money, time, anything but free. We have determined that MemGram® Processing performed free of charge results in a waste of time for both the CMP and the client. If someone is not willing to make some kind of sacrifice in exchange for MemGram® Processing, results will not be forthcoming. We encourage everyone to adhere to the $1.95 per minute rate. If your economy doesn’t support that, you may cap the amount to a maximum amount per session, or discount the rate, but your invoice should always show the $1.95 per minute VALUE prior to you discounting the session according to your agreement with the client.

14. MemGram® reports are free to the CMP if the CMP is personally Processing with their mentor at least twice monthly. The session cost is whatever the agreement is between the CMP and their mentor, usually $1.95/minute. If a CMP is not personally Processing at least twice monthly with their mentor, MemGram® Reports may be available for $100 (currently only $50 due to a gracious benefactor supporting our efforts), but that is at the discretion of BIRI. Every CMP should be actively processing with their mentor and consider the cost as a business expense of continuing education. One free MemGram®  Report to be used for a client is earned every time a CMP personally Processes with their mentor. Knowledge of the meaning of the Chain is always increasing and it is important that each CMP be current with this advancing knowledge.

15. When you are speaking with Dr. Martin the charge is $2.95 per minute unless you are a CMP or a CMP in-training, in which case the charge is reduced to $1.95 per minute. This includes whatever you are speaking about, whether it is a client of yours or your own personal Processing. Before scheduling a consult with Dr. Martin to discuss your client please send an email listing the age-height-weight-chain of the client, a summary of what you see in MemGram® of the client, then any questions you have. This will keep the phone consultation time to a minimum as Dr. Martin will be able to move right into answering your questions.

16. MemGram® Processing sessions should always be performed by telephone. This is to limit distractions and biases which the client may have regarding traits of the CMP. If it must be done in person, the client should have their back to the CMP or be in a separate room.

17. All certification materials are confidential to students and practitioners only. Do NOT share them with ANYONE who has not entered the MemGram® training. Should it be discovered that someone accessed confidential CMP web pages using your password, you will be subject to immediate dismissal from your CMP status.

18. When BIRI refers clients to the CMP there is a referral fee of 35% of each invoice to the client. This 35% includes BIRI invoicing the client for each session, collecting the required disclaimers, liability release, PMA Association contract and BIRA Membership documents and remitting payment to the CMP monthly. Each of these 4 signed documents are required to be on file at BIRI Headquarters for all MemGram® Processing clients whether your direct clients or referred by BIRI. The CMP has the option of having BIRI provide the aforementioned services for the 35% fee or being personally responsible to handle these duties in which case BIRI receives no referral fee.

19. All CMP’s, to have access to the MemGram® Online Software, must be a paid subscriber to SAF® Online. This is an agreement that we have with Kathy Scogna, widow of Joseph R. Scogna, Jr, founder of SAF®. You are not required to use SAF Online, but we must all subscribe. The reason is that our MemGram® reports may contain copyrighted SAF® data and Kathy desires compensation for said data. Kathy is not enthusiastic about the existence of MemGram® Processing — she would rather that everyone interpret the Chain as Joseph taught — but we have learned through experience that there is a better way. We should have no problem compensating Kathy for her efforts to keep Joseph’s SAF® research alive. It is a small price to pay to be able to provide the benefits of MemGram® Processing to the world. Current SAF® Online pricing is $250 3-month access or $400 annual access. Please note that BIRI MemGram® Online Software including your personal account is FREE to active CMP’s.

20. The word BIA® or MemGram® should always include the ®. There are no exceptions. Get into the habit of doing this immediately. If you have a number keypad on your computer it is easily entered by alt-0174. It is more difficult if you do not have a number keypad.

21. All MemGram® CMP’s and clients must be members of the Biological Immunity Research Association. This is extremely important to protect you and your clients Constitutional Rights and to protect you from bureaucratic agencies who are not happy that they have no control over you and what you teach.

 21. We are here to support you in any way we can. The above rules are based on our experience and are in place to help you succeed and to achieve your goals. The world is in tremendous need for MemGram® Processing. You have a magnificent opportunity to help others and yourself at the same time. We hope that you will seize this opportunity to become an uplifter of mankind’s consciousness while becoming more financially secure at the same time.

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