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Parkinson's-Muscle Pain

    Test Report for: Thomas J C.
    Test Number:
    Test Date:
5' 5" Wt: 138/160
/     Pulse: 0     Smoking: 0     Drugs: 0     Surgery: 16


7.4 6.1
6.5 6.7


57 6
70 2
    Urine pH Zone: 30 Saliva pH Zone: 10



= Bladder = Spleen/Pancreas



= Pituitary = Lungs



= Small Intestines = Liver
RATIOS: Normal Actual
Salt / Sug: 4.6 5.9
Salt / Prot: 1.5 1.1
Prot / Sug: 3.2 5.5

Practitioner Comments

quadruple bypass - 16 months prior
Parkinson's disease, herbal toxicity
muscle pain

(For Research Only - No Diagnosis Implied)

TOM --- Please refer to the ENERGY CATEGORIES sheet that was faxed to you, or you can use the diagram above, however it is not as descriptive. I also urge you to download BIA BASIC CLASS #1, print it and study it. It will help you understand what we are talking about here. It is important that we establish a benchmark. This is why it is important to have a valid first test (one that is done on a normal day with a normal routine).

It is 56%. We would expect it to be worse, but it is high due to lack of nutrition. When you are sick, you don't feel like eating. It is the body's way of saving energy for healing instead of devoting it to digestion. 56% is in the Major Symptoms zone, which is certainly the case here.

The EM is our calculation of how well you are converting food into energy. Minimum acceptable is 55%. Deduct your EM from 100% and you have our calculation of the percentage of what you eat that is being turned into toxic waste. Your body has to waste energy to process this waste.

Notice that the zones below 55% are classified as degeneration zones instead of symptom zones. This is because our research indicates that as the toxicity accumulates faster than the body can carry it away it lays the foundation for weight management problems at best and degenerative disease at worst.

Keep in mind that the EM is experimental and is simply our scale of health. It may or may not indicate actual medical problems. For ease of weight management, you need to keep your Metabolism Efficiency (EM) above 75%.

We will be watching your EM on successive tests to make sure you are continuing to improve your conversion of food into energy. Wellness requires a high EM.

The ER is our measurement of your Reserve Energy, your resistance factor, your ability to heal. Minimum acceptable is 50% for average health and 65% for optimum weight management. The lower your ER, the longer it takes to stabilize your body chemistry and the more serious may be your condition. The lower your ER, the higher your EM needs to be in the future in order for you to have proper weight management and to experience wellness. Your ER must rise on successive tests if you are to experience an improvement in wellness.

Your ER is 57%. This is much better than we would expect from viewing your medical history. Your regular consumption of Noni and other nutritional regimes have obviously been of some benefit to you.

Your Biological Age (BA) helps you see the impact that your Metabolism Efficiency (EM) and your Reserve Energy (ER) have on your "aging factor." What you want to see is a Biological Age that is the same or "younger" than your chronological age. The only way to reduce your Biological Age is to increase your Metabolism Efficiency (EM). This is why we will be watching your EM on successive tests.

Your BA is 70, 3 years older than your actual age. This shows the impact that your condition has made on your body chemistry, but it is much better than we would have expected.

The Adverse Relationships (AR) represent balance, or endocrine communication channels. The brain needs proper feedback from the various glands and organs if it is to keep the body in proper synchronization and at a proper weight. The AR tell us how many of the 12 endocrine communication channels are broken. You want to keep your AR between 0-4, or no more than 1 for every 10% drop in your EM.

The higher the AR, the more difficult it is for the brain to keep the body in balance through the hormone system. The higher the AR, the deeper the problem has gone in the body and the more difficult it is to properly manage your weight and to correct the condition. The higher the AR, the longer it will take to bring balance back to the body.

A high AR can also be an indicator of mental or emotional stress playing a role in your symptoms and body chemistry, but only if the AR is out of balance, i.e., 1 AR for every 10% drop in EM.

Likewise, an abnormally low AR coupled with a low EM may mean emotional suppression exists and there is a chronic situation involving the emotional traumas of the past and present being the primary cause of present body chemistry and conditions.

Your AR are 6. This places you in the Major Interference zone. We would expect only 4-5 AR with an EM of 56%. This means that we expect to uncover severe emotional trauma as being the primary cause of present conditions and body chemistry. This means that we expect these issues to have to be ultimately dealt with in order to see an improvement in your condition. More on this later.

The Speed of Decline (SD) is our measurement of your aging factor. You want to keep this between 0-2 at all times.

An interesting formula to determine the approximate time required to stabilize the body chemistry is to multiply the AR x SD. The answer is the approximate number of months it may take to stabilize the body chemistry to help you feel good and look young for your age on a consistent basis.

Your SD is 2. This is good and better than we would have expected. Let's make sure it doesn't decline from here.

Let me know if you have any questions at this point. If not, we will next move on to an analysis of your BIA so you can see why we will be making the recommendations that we feel are  required regarding lifestyle, dietary and nutritional recommendations to improve your body chemistry.

Sugars are 2.2. That is 8 points lower than balanced (3.0), but this looks better than it really is due to the high Salts/Sugar ratio (5.9). Salts will raise the brix reading that generates the Sugars reading. The Protein/Sugar ratio is also quite high (5.5). Protein waste will also artificially raise the Sugars brix reading. Therefore, we actually have a much lower Sugar reading than is apparent here. This means the brain will be low on energy, so will the muscle cells.

It appears that if the high amounts of Noni have been doing anything, they have been supporting the Sugars, which is good, otherwise your energy level would have been zilch.

It will be more apparent on subsequent tests, but we suspect we really have a Sugar of less than 1, which would mean a 20 point, or more, gap between Actual and Balanced. If we saw this we would expect low Adrenal response, meaning susceptibility to pain. Normal people have pain but their Adrenal hormones are able to suppress it to a tolerable level. The weaker your Adrenals are, the more pain you experience.

Thus, we will be concentrating on raising your Sugars. As your gap between balanced and actual closes, your Adrenal response should be better, you should have more energy and your muscles should experience less pain.

Your urine pH (UpH) is extremely alkaline (7.4). It should be 6.1 to be in balance with the rest of your BIA. This may mean the body is not eliminating acidity, needs more exercise, has nutrient deficiencies and will be sluggish.

Your saliva pH (SpH) is very acid (6.5). It should be 6.7 to be in balance with the rest of your BIA. This may mean that the acidity is building up in the body, which will cause all kinds of muscle pain, hypersensitivity to pain, mineral deficiencies.

Because of the alkaline UpH over the acid SpH profile, your situation is very serious. This type of pH arrangement is the hardest to correct because it typifies an extremely chronic condition. However, this is no reason to expect the worst. Being hard to correct doesn't necessarily mean it is impossible. It does mean that you need to frequent BIA monitors no more than 1 week apart for at least 30-days after you begin the dietary and nutritional regime.

Your type of pH profile is typical of problems at both ends of the body, meaning brain and central nervous system challenges coupled with bones/muscle problems. To visualize this, replace your UpH with an UP (alkaline) arrow and your SpH with a DOWN (acid) arrow. See how the two arrows are pulling away from each other? Problems are moving UP and problems are moving DOWN all at the same time. Bad profile to have and one that must be corrected if wellness is at the end of your tunnel.

Your Salts are very low (13). They should be 16 to be in balance. They are actually much lower than it appears. They read higher due to the high Prot/Salts ratio (5.5). Protein (NN/AN) waste will cause the conductivity (Salts) to read higher than it should. Therefore, we expect that the Salts are actually much lower than appears, similar to the Sugars situation. This may mean there are several major and trace mineral deficiencies. Correcting an under balanced Salts situation is not easy. It takes patience and dedication to the regime. Part of our problem here may be an excessive potassium intake from the Noni, suppressing sodium and magnesium which will then affect the calcium and vitamin C.

This conductivity deficiency will also have an effect on the brain, central nervous system and the ability of the muscles to properly function.

Your Cell Debris is a 1. This is too low. It should be a 4. This may mean that your body is doing a poor job of creating new cells. This is not a good sign and one that we will be watching to change in the future. It may also simply be a function of the fact that you are underweight and are under consuming food.

Your Urea (protein waste) is 12 (7+5). This is too high. It should be 8 to be in balance. This may mean that you are losing valuable body mass and that there is a Magnesium deficiency as previously stated. Losing body mass would contribute to your muscle pain.

SUMMARY: Click here to see a list of all the possible tendencies that can be attributed to a BIA Profile such as yours. The bad news is that the list is long. The good news is that these are all things we will expect to disappear as your body chemistry improves.


(For Research Only)

I highly recommend that you do a Hair Mineral Analysis (HMA). You need to discover which minerals/ratios are quantitatively deficient/excessive to help bring balance back to your body chemistry. Click on the HMA link above to order your HMA Specimen Kit.

Click here for a link to your General Diet guidelines.
Click here for a link to Additions/Deletions to your diet.

Please note that there is a LOT of information here. Do not be overwhelmed. ANY of the suggestions that you can put into action will have a beneficial effect. Keep a log and be ready to report back on what recommendations you were able to follow. 7-14 days after you start doing ANY of these recommendations you should be retested at approximately same time of day.

One suggestion is to start at the top of the list and do one or two items each day, gradually moving down through the list. Feel no pressure to complete the list in any preset period of time, nor to do everything on the list.

Click here to view your dietary supplement report. The highlighted items are the ones to begin taking immediately. If have questions about this, please ask. It is important that you start these as soon as possible.

We received your blood test results and have entered them into our Nutritional Blood Analysis (Blood-EQ) software. The reports are in 3 sections. They may be viewed/printed at:

The Blood-EQ report is self-explanatory, but here is our summary. It confirms most of what we have already said about your case from the BIA results. Your blood test indicates severe mineral deficiencies, protein deficiency, tissue decomposition, excess carbohydrates, muscle breakdown, hypoglycemia and a need for anti-oxidants. You should pay attention to the Blood-EQ Dietary Guidelines and work that information into your daily diet.  The supplement recommendations have already been accounted for in your BIA dietary supplement report mentioned above.

Next, we will look at your BIA from a mental/emotional perspective. There is a lot of action here. Anytime you have an excess of AR (6) for the amount of EM (56%) it indicates that an emotional basis exists for the present physical condition. Remember that we said an AR reading of 4-5 would be in balance with your EM, not 6.

Click here to view/print your Stress Pattern Chart.
It is important to note that this Chart is generated strictly from the BIA (urine/saliva chemistry.)
The Organ Trauma Sequence (OTS) is in an entirely descending order from past to present.
This means we are presently in the most intense emotional crisis period to date.
This is a perfect time for you to finally deal with the emotional issues that are at cause.

The issue centers around the pancreas (20) at approximately age 8 and erupting again at approximately age 16. The pancreas is involved with the following emotions:
  fatigue / inadequacy / self-identity issues / feeling lost / abandonment issues

Something happened to you at approximately age 8 and again at approximately age 16 that cause a hormonal rush in order to deal with the crisis. This feeling was negative, but incredibly stimulating; so much so that your cellular structure became addicted to this stimulation.

Your body is like an electro-magnet. It attracts people-places-circumstances-events (PPCE) to recreate the same feeling, although negative, because it is once again very stimulating. It is like an addiction. Perhaps it even IS an addiction; not to drugs, but to feelings (emotions/hormones).

This trauma had to do with a clash between Genders (Mom and Dad?) and caused you to become strong in Mind in order to emotionally survive it. It was mentally and physically exhausting, depriving you of the kind of life you feel you would otherwise have deserved. You have attracted similar PPCE to create 10 similar Traumas since then, at approximately ages 16-41-49-57-65. You can get a clue as to what the Trauma was by looking up the words: Troughs, Fantasy, Brute and Muscle in a dictionary and choosing the definition(s) for each that seem to relate to you. The definitions you choose should have something to do with the Female/Gender/Male concept.

There is a black hole between ages 16 and 41, suggesting that there is much darkness and emotional turmoil hidden away in that time period. What it is will be revealed on subsequent Stress Pattern Charts if you decide to pursue Stress Pattern Processing.

This negative energy is what is creating your physical problems today and it must be detoxified if you are to experience the level of wellness that you deserve. Your Stress Pattern Chart indicates that you innately have a very strong Mind and Courageous aspect, but that means you would have been born to parents that helped create a situation where you became exhausted and afraid to depend upon it; yet you continue to have one situation after another where you have no other choice but to use your Mind and Courage to manipulate PPCE to survive. This is called a Dichotomy. It is your Dichotomy. You have become your life instead of realizing that your life is the way it is because of your past emotional addictions. It is time to break free and be YOU!

There is a process called Stress Pattern Processing that is done via telephone consultations. It's purpose is to help you become aware of how you have become a victim of this emotional addiction and to empower you to be able to finally break free of it so your body can once again be free to heal instead of dealing and reacting to your addiction. Each Trauma is a session, so there will be 10 sessions to free you of this cellular addiction. It is incredibly enlightening, empowering and is soooooo worth it.

Let me know if this is something you wish to pursue and I will send you the details.

In the meantime, you will be emotionally strengthened by taking the following SPRX:
   #20 = a.m.
   #14 & #13 = at mid-day
   #1 = p.m.

This concludes your BIA Consultation #1. Let me know if you have any questions. Your case is particularly challenging, but I feel strongly that there is light at the end of the tunnel!

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